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The Els Club Desaru Coast Turns Pink

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Dedicates October to Boost Breast Cancer Awareness and Contribute Towards the Cause   

Desaru Coast; Johor, September 2021 – Troon-managed golf property; The Els Club Desaru Coast is pleased to announce that it is dedicating the month of October to support breast cancer awareness. The club is collaborating with Cancer Research Malaysia a non-profit organisation in Malaysia dedicated to saving lives through impactful research focusing on the Malaysia population and communities across Asia.  

“At The Els Club Desaru Coast, we want to do our part to support the good work in awareness building around breast cancer and at the same time raise some funds towards the cause for research as well as care. Breakthrough research and development has advanced greatly though the years and we ourselves want to offer a platform for our golfing fraternity to also show their support. We welcome all our golfers to be part of this meaningful cause by actively partaking in all our initiatives throughout October,” Steven Thielke, General Manager of The Els Club Desaru Coast said.

The month-long campaign and charitable activities by The Els Club Desaru Coast include: –

  1. RM5 of every green fee paid will be forwarded to Cancer Research Malaysia (CRM)
  2. 50% collection of tournament entry fee will be donated to CRM
  3. A charity box will be placement at The Golf Shop for golfers to contribute to CRM
  4. Breast Cancer Awareness Pink T-Shirts are available for sale at RM35 per piece, RM5 of which will be donated to CRM
  5. On the menu for the month the dining outlets will be serving a special Pink Apple Pie and Pink smoothie for dessert at RM10++
  6. On the golf course, the club will fly the pink chequered flag on the last 9th green of Lakes, Coast and Ridge 
  7. The associates of the Els Club Desaru Coast will be wearing Pink Ribbons as show of support to Breast Cancer Month. The Associates will also help to raise funds through the auction of personal donations amongst the associates.

Dedicating the month of October to the cause, women can enjoy a 50% discount on the Best Available Rates on Mondays to Wednesdays andaccess free weekly golf clinics on Wednesdays. Above that, female golfers are entitled to 20% discount on dining and purchases at the Golf shop.

During October, which is officially Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Troon facilities globally (across all brands) raise awareness about breast cancer prevention and screening exams while creating fundraising events and unique opportunities to support local charities. Mark Chapleski, Executive Vice-President of Troon International, commended The Els Malaysia on their dedication and support to the cause, “It is great to see the team activating this month through various channels and we look forward to supporting Cancer charities across all regions. As a company we are committed to this cause, and what first started out as raising awareness with pink flags on the 18th green, has developed into the teams creating unique ways to raise funds for local charities”.

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer affecting women in Malaysia. About one in 19 women in Malaysia are at risk, compared to one in eight in Europe and the United States. * The disease occurs mostly in women but breast cancer occurs albeit much rarely; in men as well. ** Breast cancer awareness month is marked across the world every October to generate greater awareness on the disease. A pink ribbon symbolises breast cancer awareness; thus, the colour pink is synonymous to this cause. 

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