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UNIQLO Presents ‘Balik Raya in Comfort’ Ramadan Pop-Up

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UNIQLO, the renowned global apparel retailer, is introducing an enhanced experience of comfort and simplicity for Raya festivities through its exclusive five-day pop-up event titled “Balik Raya in Comfort.” Scheduled from March 20 to March 24 at UNIQLO Store, The Exchange TRX, this initiative aims to facilitate a comfortable yet stylish dressing experience for everyone heading back to their hometowns for the annual balik kampung trip.

In celebration of Eid al-Fitr, UNIQLO presents a curated selection of quality LifeWear essentials suitable for the entire family’s festive wardrobe. These essential Eid items feature soft, natural tones, facilitating effortless mixing and matching while ensuring a cohesive family ensemble.

The “Balik Raya with Comfort” pop-up boasts a charming setup inspired by trains, evoking a nostalgic sense of returning home. It showcases UNIQLO’s signature product lines – including AIRism, Rayon, and Linens – as part of the UNIQLO Raya 2024 collection. Visitors can explore a diverse range of stylish items, from the breathable AIRism collection to the timeless elegance of Linens, versatile Rayon pieces, and the traditional yet contemporary Baju Melayu collection.

A highlight of the event is a special styling workshop presented by Ardi and Sri Azni, focusing on modest wear and offering creative styling tips for LifeWear during the Raya season. Participants gain valuable insights into curating looks using signature fabrics like AIRism, Rayon, and Linens, providing versatile options for various Raya outfits.

The UNIQLO Raya 2024 collection is designed to deliver both style and comfort, featuring a diverse range of personalities and emotions represented by five ambassadors – Mira Filzah, Dr. Syazril, Sofea Shra, Daiyan Trisha, and Hun Haqeem. This ensures that there is something for everyone, catering to individual preferences and tastes.

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