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The Top Penang

Cuti Raya tak tau nak pergi mana? Apa kata cuti yang ada tu kita gunakan untuk merasai pengalaman menakjubkan di The Top Penang. Jom saksikan apa yang menarik di sana >>>

Ihya Ramadhan Negeri Serambi Mekah

Every Ramadhan, the people of Kelantan would prepare a celebration to welcome the holy month at the Dataran Sultan Mohammad IV Stadium. This celebration is also known as Qaryah Ramadhan at the Porch of Mecca.

Jejak Mercure Penang Beach

In this episode, we will explore the beauty and appeals of the Mecure Hotel in Penang. This international hotel is located in 63 countries with a total of 790 hotels.

“Ohsem Places” : Penang

On this episode of Ohsem Places, our host Zahnita Wilson will take you to Penang, Malaysia to tell you what’s best about the…