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Santai Travel Media

I n s p I r a s I p e r c u t I a n k u

About Us

Santai Travel Magazine published by Intermedia Network is the only Malay language travel magazine for local and international markets.First published in December 2010, this magazine features the concept of tourism and lifestyle. Santai Travel Magazine appearance is not just a holiday only provide information but also shouldering a great responsibility towards the growth of the tourism industry. Santai Travel was born on the desire of Malaysians who love peace and harmony in a multi-racial nation. Malaysians who habitually live in peace in a country is a culture of ‘vacation’ as a way to spend free time and a way that proved to be effective in bridging kinship. Thus  Santai Travel showcase Malaysian identity in a magazine that covers the lifestyle of today’s society.

Company Name | Intermedia Network

Registration No | 002512479-P

Date Established | 15 Feb 2016