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Royal Selangor Visitor Centre Celebrates 20 Years of Excellence

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The Royal Selangor Visitor Centre is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2024. Since its establishment in 2004, it has been a global destination known for two decades of excellence, innovation, and commitment to preserving the art of pewter crafting.


The centre stands as a testament to Malaysia’s rich tradition of pewter craftsmanship, attracting enthusiasts and tourists alike with its showcase of intricate artistry passed down through generations.

From Selangor Pewter Complex to the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre

In 1972, Selangor Pewter was allocated a 12-acre land in Setapak Jaya by PKNS, leading to the construction of a factory, office building, and retail shop.

The headquarters shifted to the new facility in 1977, laying the foundation for the Selangor Pewter Complex. Initially smaller, the first visitor centre offered a retail store and a condensed factory tour, providing glimpses into pewtersmithing.

The inception of a new vision for the visitor centre began in 1999, culminating in its grand opening in 2004. Designed to host over 1,000 visitors, the centre has become an immersive brand experience, incorporating iconic elements narrating

historical tales of colonial Malaya’s tin rush, while capturing the evolution of arts, culture and craftsmanship through stimulating exhibits, live demonstrations and more.


The Inauguration of the Visitor Centre

On March 2, 2004, the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre was inaugurated by H.R.H. Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, marking a significant milestone. The royal connection traces back to H.R.H. Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, who granted a royal warrant to Selangor Pewter in 1979.

Dato’ Yong Yoon Li, the Managing Director of Royal Selangor, expressed his pride in reaching this significant milestone. “For two decades, the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre has been instrumental in telling our story to the world. Over this period, we have welcomed more than 4.1 million international visitors. Beyond being a showcase for our brand, the visitor centre stands as a platform, where we highlight Malaysian arts, crafts and culture. The exhibits continue to resonate just as strongly today as they did twenty years ago. This anniversary is a meaningful celebration of our heritage, the vibrant experiences offered, and the global community that appreciates the unique journey within these walls.”


The Royal Selangor Visitor Centre extends an invitation to all to join the year-long celebrations, featuring a series of special events and initiatives in conjunction with its 20th anniversary.

A stroll down memory lane

As part of the anniversary celebrations, there will be a special and ongoing exhibition, dedicated to showcasing the origin story behind the visitor centre, showcasing key milestones and interesting facts about the centre.

Pewtersmithing workshops

Join The Foundry and craft personalised pewter accessories like keychains and pendants using moulds or freehand techniques.

To commemorate the Visitor Centre’s 20th anniversary, we have special edition designs that feature motifs such as mengkuang, the melon teapot, and more. Each mould proudly features the Visitor Centre’s 20th-anniversary logo on its reverse, making it a special keepsake to remember this significant milestone.

Be one of the first to craft a special edition bowl at our School of Hard Knocks workshop for the Visitor Centre’s 20th anniversary. Experience crafting your unique pewter bowl using traditional methods with a wooden mallet. Personalise it with your name or initials, and as a memento, take home a certificate and an apron.

Since 2004, the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre has been a cherished destination for more than 4.1 million visitors all over the world. This year, the visitor centre invites all those far and near to be a part of this special milestone by sharing your dreams and aspirations. Whether it’s a personal ambition, a wish for a loved one, or a vision for the world, let these thoughts find a place on the Wishing Wall.

Participants stand a chance to be featured on the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre’s social platform@royalselangorvisitorcentre while the best wishes could unlock one of 20 surprises.

Celebrate the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre’s 20th anniversary with an exclusive merchandise collection, featuring t-shirts, bags and umbrellas. Each item embodies the essence of the visitor centre’s 20-year milestone and serves as a cherished memento. Exclusively available at the Visitor Centre.

Royal Selangor Visitor Centre opens every day from 9 am to 5 pm. For more information or to plan your visit, be sure to browse the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre’s website at The site allows visitors to book a free shuttle service to the centre or to sign up for pewtersmithing workshops. Alternatively, you may call 03-4145 6122 or e-mail your enquiries to

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