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Meat Lover Challenge Samba Brazilian Steak House

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Brazilian Steakhouse Buffet, Samba Brazilian Steakhouse, Avenue K, is challenging all meat lovers and big eaters in the Klang Valley. Taking a page from the Meat Lover Challenge hype, Samba Brazilian Steakhouse is hosting a challenge called Samba Meat Lover Challenge 2019

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Participants of this challenge will be served a total of

1) Rump Steak – 200 gm
2) Chicken Sausage – 700 gm
3) Coleslaw – 100gm
4) Fries – 250gm
5) Coke – 325ml

To win the challenge, participants are required to finish the above served menu within the fastest time or in the stipulated time, which is 20 minutes. The grand prize of this challenge is a RM500 cash prize and RM 500 cash voucher.

To join this challenge, an entree fee of RM50 is required. It comes with goodie bag specially prepared by the team of Samba Brazilian Steakhouse and Avenue K management. This contest is scheduled to take place on the 7th Dec 2019 (Saturday) at Samba Brazilian Steakhouse, Avenue K, Level 3.

If you can handle lots of meats and/or happens to be a big eater, this challenge is tailor made for you. Waffling down 1.25 kg of meats and sides within 20 min is definitely not an easy task, however with a grand prize of RM500 cash and RM500 cash vouchers will definitely push your limit beyond expectation.

How to participate?
In order to participate, you have to register you self in the follow link below:

The full details of Samba Meat Lover Challenge 2019 are as follow

Date: 7th Dec 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 230pm- 5pm
Venue: Samba Brazilian Steakhouse, Avenue K, Level 3
Entry Fee: RM50 (includes complimentary goodie bag)

Participant who able to finish 1.25 kg of meats and sides within 20 min within the shortest time can walk away with RM500 cash prize and RM500 Samba cash vouchers. Below are the full details of the prizes.

Grand prize: RM500 cash + RM500 samba cash voucher
2nd prize: RM 200 cash + RM 100 samba cash voucher
3rd prize : RM 100 cash + RM50 samba cash voucher

For the participants’ safety, those who throw up half-way will be automatically disqualified. Food is not gluten free
· Food is without pork, lard and alcohol
· We will not responsible on food allergy participants. (Food contains beef, chicken, garlic, vegetables, salt, egg, butter etc.)

Those who able to conquer the portion will get to walk away RM500 cash prize and RM500 cash voucher. Defeat the meat, or let the meat defeat you!!

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