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While the global travel is taking a backseat due to the current pandemic, Malaysian tourism continues to make waves, virtually. A promotional video released by Tourism Malaysia has reached the juries of The Telly Awards based in New York, USA and won the silver award for Non-Broadcast under the Travel/Tourism category 2020. 

The promotional video entitled DISCOVER BREATHTAKING MALAYSIA was produced in October 2019 as part of Tourism Malaysia’s initiatives to promote Malaysia which targets the millennial market segment. The 4-minute video takes viewers through Malaysia’s touristicattractions as well as hidden gems for travelers to explore, complete with suggestions for captions and hashtags on social media.

The video narrates a virtual experience through the nation’s natural, cultural and gastronomic adventures using a social media style template to appeal to the urban and IT-savvy travelers. The panoramic view of the idyllic islands, mouthwatering delicacies and Malaysia’s colourful traditional costumes and arts give viewers ideas to inundate their social media with the wonders that Malaysia has to offer. Essentially, the video captures the bountiful treasures that await travelers in Malaysia.

“We are proud to showcase the beauty of Malaysia, and what better way to do that in this climate than by utilizing our digital assets and giving our global audience a sneak peek through virtual experience. I hope that this also incites excitement in our fellow Malaysians to explore our lands once it is safe to travel again,” commented Datuk Musa Yusof, Director General of Tourism Malaysia.

The video is available online on Tourism Malaysia’s website and official accounts on social media and can be accessed through the following link: Discover Breathtaking Malaysia.

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