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Endless Discoveries in Islamic Tourism

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Bandar Sunway, September 15, 2023 :  The AITEX Ministers and CEOs Summit opened its doors to a vibrant gathering of industry leaders, ministers, and experts from the travel and tourism sector, delving into the realm of “Endless Discoveries in Islamic Tourism.” The summit, inaugurated by Summit Chairman Dato’ Dr. Mohd Khalid Harun, shed light on various crucial aspects of Islamic tourism and its potential to shape the future of the industry.

With the theme “Endless Discoveries in Islamic Tourism,” this year’s summit brought together luminaries, experts, and visionaries from around the world, converging to explore, discuss, and chart the course for the future of Islamic tourism. This immersive summit acted as a catalyst for insightful discussions and a platform for sharing groundbreaking ideas that promise to redefine the way we experience travel within the context of Muslim-friendly tourism.

Among the key highlights of the AITEX Minister & CEO Summit were advancements in Muslim-Friendly Services, the enhancement of Muslim-Friendly Destinations, collaboration planning between Malaysia and Indonesia, and the promotion of Halal and Muslim-Friendly Practices.

Bapak Azrul Azis Taba, Chairman of Kesthuri, emphasized Indonesia’s pivotal role in Islamic tourism, stating, “We are not just travel agents; we are potential bankers for Umrah and Hajj. As Muslims, we must ‘sell ourselves’ globally.”

The summit convened to address key topics integral to the advancement of Islamic tourism, including the promotion of Muslim-friendly establishments such as hotels and airports. Dato’ Rashidi Hasbullah from MOTAC, a prominent figure in the industry, presented a compelling paper emphasizing the importance of prayer rooms in such establishments, setting the stage for a paradigm shift in the sector. The summit also highlighted Japan as an exemplary APEX country to follow in this regard and emphasized the need for ASEAN countries to implement similar initiatives.

Dato’ Khalid stated, “Collaboration between Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as with other countries, will contribute to promoting Malaysia as a friendly Muslim destination.”

The summit culminated with the signing ceremony of MATA-Kesturi, indicating a commitment to advancing Islamic tourism worldwide. With the collective efforts and insights shared at the AITEX Ministers and CEOs Summit, the future of Islamic tourism appears bright, promising endless discoveries for travelers and businesses alike.

As we conclude this year’s summit, industry leaders and stakeholders are united in their determination to drive forward the Islamic tourism sector. Their shared vision is one of inclusivity, cultural exchange, and mutual understanding among travellers of diverse backgrounds. The future of Islamic tourism is promising, and AITEX remains steadfast in its mission to lead the industry toward even greater heights.

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