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3 Reasons the Samsung Galaxy Note10|10+ is the Travellers’ Great Companion

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For some of us, travelling is an essential part of life – to experience new places and different cultures. It takes us out of our comfort zone and gives us eye-opening experiences and a sense of freedom. But when you travel in groups, you sometimes don’t get the chance to do everything you want to do. Sometimes, you just need to go at it alone, just you and the open road.

With such a big wide world to explore, it’s always a good idea to have a companion that stays at your side, helps you capture all the photos and videos you want, show you the way and lasts as long as you do.

Here is where the Galaxy Note10|10+ comes in. It is the power phone that is built for the generation of people who rarely stay in one place for long, who work and play where ever they are, and who aren’t afraid to go in alone.

So why is the Galaxy Note10|10+ a travellers’ great companion? Here are 3 reasons:

  1. Capture Every Memory in Photography and Pro-grade Video
Photos taken by Galaxy Note10+, credit to @TianChad

Photos and videos let travelers bring a little bit of their journey back with them. But no one wants a bad photo or video. The Galaxy Note10+ combines four cameras – one in the front which is 10 MP and three in the back which consists of 16 MP Ultra Wide-angle, 12 MP Wide- angle and 12 MP telephoto that gives users an ultra-wide-angle to help capture and full impact of the beautiful scenery while on your travels. The front camera also features a Night Mode for low-light situations. A clever Live Focus feature on the camera app allows you to take striking selfies and create custom bokeh effects so that your pictures can always add a stylish effect to your pictures.

Photos taken by Galaxy Note10+, credit to @jinnyboy

Additionally, for the vloggers among us, capturing video on the Galaxy Note10|10+ is a dream with the assortment of built-in effects and Live Focus which allows you to add various background effects, including bokeh, which enables depth-of-field adjustments on your video to offer more artistic precision and control over the story. The Galaxy Note10|10+ even comes with microphone zoom capabilities so you can zero in only on the sounds you want to hear in the middle of a crowd.

Editing video while on the road is so much easier because you apply your creativity to your videos right on your Galaxy Note10|10+ – no laptop needed. Handy when you want to share your experiences with your friends but don’t want the hassle of carrying a laptop with you. The built-in video editor makes stitching clips, clip speed control, transition effects, and layering text and drawings easy while on the go. The one-of-a-kind S Pen adds precision, and double as a controller for selfies when you just can’t find someone to help you take the perfect photo.

  1. Plan Your Journey and Avoid The Rain
Photo Credit To: Samsung

Now that you are equipped with the best phone to capture memories on your journey, planning is the next important step. Usually, that includes maps, notebooks, and tons of other material which you need to keep in a folder. But this is 2019, and all those things can be kept on your Galaxy Note10|10+. Firstly, we recommend watching a few travel videos on your destination on YouTube – which you can enjoy a UL verified Premium Hole Display, Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O Display and HDR10+ Certified on Galaxy Note10|10+.

The Galaxy Note10|10+ features a S Planner and Notes which make itinerary planning convenient and effortless. It synchronizes seamlessly with Google Calendars to let you plan out your travel schedule simply and your can file any additional information on your trip in the cloud-based Google Drive to ensure you always have what you need at hand.

No one likes to go to the beach on a rainy day right? Check ahead with the Galaxy Note10|10+’s barometer and you’ll be your very own weatherman to help avoid any disappointment and wasted trips.

3. Your Personal Pocket Guide and Translator

At your destination of choice, all that’s left to do is explore. In an unfamiliar foreign land, finding your way around the local language may be barriers to adventurers who seek to go off the beaten path. Not with the Galaxy Note10|10+, which loves its Google Maps and Google Translate apps. You can almost anywhere is the Note10|10+ is pointing you the right way, and if by chance you do get lost – speaking to locals wouldn’t be a barrier as it supports 100 languages and 37 languages via photo.

You’re probably wondering at this point whether you’ll have enough juice in your phone’s battery to last your adventures around the countryside. No need to worry as the Galaxy Note10+ features a large 4,300 mAh battery and supports Super-Fast Charging. In just 30 minutes, users can fully charge their Galaxy Note10|10+, so gaming, streaming, broadcasting or editing can be done with confidence, all day long – enough to get you where you want to go without wasting precious vacation time.

Photo Credit To: Samsung

So the next time you are looking to visit somewhere new, make sure to make full use of your Galaxy Note10|10+. It lets you focus on what is important – the experience of travelling – and creating memories that will last a lifetime. And if the occasional work email comes in that you can’t avoid, no problem, you’ve got the power in your hands.

Photo Credit To: Samsung

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