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Hurricane VR

Terminator X – laser battle

Zero Latency – one of the world’s best free roaming VR

The Rift – A Journey Through Dimensions

Ever dreamt of travelling across dimensions? At the Rift, this will no longer be a mere fantasy. Started in 2018, The Rift has brought the latest high-tech entertainment experiences to Malaysia. Covering a massive 40,000 square feet in Mid Valley Megamall, The Rift showcases over 20+ virtual worlds. This is a must go to destination for everyone as the attractions range from family friendly games to adrenaline pumping experiences. Based on our experience, The Rift has created a fun and safe space for families and even schoolmate bonding. This includes the little kindergarten children as well! We had the opportunity to see a group of kids that were having a blast at The Rift. The kids were able to have fun in an interactive space while being exposed to technology in a fun and holistic manner.

Stepping into The Rift brought us on a journey through multiple dimensions beyond our expectations and it made us tingle with excitement. Here’s a glimpse into our mind-blowing experience at The Rift. The experience began with Zero Latency, the signature attraction that is the world’s best free roaming virtual reality experience. Housing up to eight players at a time, Zero Latency will transport you into a different world where you will be immersed in a fast-paced virtual reality combat. Right after, we hopped on an exhilarating roller coaster ride at Hurricane VR that brought us on a gripping 360° flying journey. This experience brought shivers down our spine but with our blood pumping, we were ready for more. Exclusively at The Rift, we experienced laser tag on a different level. In a two floor game arena at Terminator X, battle in real life at the star laser tag attraction that is suitable for large groups. This is proven to be perfect for team buildings, family bonding and treasure hunts too. The Rift also showcases augmented reality experiences at Holowall that combines a physical activity like rock climbing with technology. With distinct routes, it is truly a unique experience that mimics a workout.

All in all, there are so many more attractions and experiences we have yet to uncover and experience at The Rift. Some of the fan favourites are such as VR Adventure, EXA, Motion Blaster and many more. This is an adventure like no other and it is worth your money and time. The Rift has made affordable packages and that way, everyone can now experience the best of virtual reality. What else are you waiting for? Bring your friends and family and have some fun at The Rift!

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