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Mrs. Malaysia Tourism Queen International 2019 (MMTQI)

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Mrs. Malaysia Tourism Queen International Pageant 2019 Press Release

The Mrs. Malaysia Tourism Queen International Pageant 2019 is an exclusive platform for married and mature women to showcase their beauty, talent and achievements with a twist of glamour and sophistication. Despite beauty being the main focus of the pageant, contestants have the opportunity to voice out and share their personal opinions regarding matters such as marriage, career, life experiences and current events.

Mrs Malaysia Tourism Queen International Pageant is organized by World Chinese MG Alliance Sdn Bhd and Amazing Platform Sdn Bhd. There are no limitations to this unique pageant as it is open to all married women including young wives, mothers and even grandmothers who are all eligible to participate. This pageant aims to foster friendship, merge cultures, initiate communication and mutual understanding amongst these special women through female empowerment. It also serves as an international platform to promote tourism and highlight knowledge of local business brands, tourism hotspots and tourism products including food, fashion and luxury goods.

Inspiring and charismatic director of Mrs. Malaysia Tourism Queen International Pageant 2019, Ms. Audris Kok comes from a background of business and investment marketing. She has taken up this challenge to mentor older women and help them prove to themselves that they can shine at any age.She is passionate about helping women to their own path of self discovery and to help them realize that even housewives and mothers are capable of much greater achievements. Despite being a newcomer to the beauty industry, Ms Audris believes that great heights can be reached when one enjoys their job and does their tasks wholeheartedly.Her vibrant personality and elegant presence makes her the perfect mentor for the new generation of married women who can be business leaders with beauty and brains.
The main goal that Mrs. Malaysia Tourism Queen International aims to achieve is to create strong, confident Malaysia women with no age barrier whose beauty, passion and talent can proudly represent our country within the Asian region. It also aspires to prove critics wrong who stereotype that married women should be confined at home just to attend to the kitchen and household chores. Above all, it functions as a prestigious networking platform which allows theses beautiful women to shine, challenge themselves and break free from their comfort zones.

Most importantly, Mrs. Malaysia Tourism Queen International is a pageant which redefines the beauty of Asian women to be captivating, exotic, independent and individually beautiful in their own personal way. It also gives married women an opportunity to contribute to tourism based on their experience and knowledge gained over years of wisdom.

The winners of Mrs. Malaysia Tourism Queen 2019 will consist of 5 main titles and 6 subtitles including Best in Talent, Best in Evening Gown, Best in Kebaya, Best Popularity, Mrs Photogenic and Mrs Friendly. The main winner will have the honour of representing Malaysia overseas amongst 30 or more competing nations for the coveted international title. To decide the fate of theses gorgeous contestants are our prestigious panel of judges including renown figures such as Y.M Tunku Adj Prof Dato’ Sr Dr Fauzi bin Tunku Dato’ Abdul Malek Al Haj, Datin Maylene Yong and Amber Chia and several more. The highly anticipated Grand Finale will be held at One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya.

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