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The Perfect Family Holiday Destination in Western Australia

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Family-friendly experiences not to be missed with your children

Going on a holiday – especially abroad – spells excitement for the children and parents alike. If you
are looking for a destination that offers thrilling adventures, breathtaking nature and some good
spots to unwind and spend time with the family, look no further than Western Australia.
Only five hours away via direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Perth, the state of Western Australia is a
treasure trove of beautiful landscapes and diverse wildlife, encased within a unique culture. For the
little ones, they can experience the diverse wildlife and all that Mother Nature has to offer with a
farm stay; and for the adults, take in the picturesque countryside or partake in wine tasting tours
before indulging in Swan Valley’s many culinary offerings.
Not to be missed are the pristine beaches or the flora and fauna at Rottnest Island – a good way to
inject some out-of-school learnings for the children while on holiday – and immerse in the island’s
rich cultural history.
Excited yet? Here are the three different set of experiences you will get from a trip to Western

Thanks to TV shows, documentaries and books your children may have watched or read, they might
already be familiar with the animals native to Australia, which is why a trip to Western Australia will
not be complete without meeting the wildlife in the state.

A great start for a wildlife adventure begins at Caversham Wildlife Park. This family-owned park
boasts Western Australia’s largest private collection of wildlife. Bring your kids to experience
Australia’s most unique and interesting animals and enjoy your own bespoke service with their
dedicated wildlife professionals.
One encounter not to be missed is meeting the happiest animal in the world – the quokkas – at
Rottnest Island. Undoubtedly Western Australia’s most iconic animal, be sure to take a memorable
‘quokka selfie’ with the perpetually smiling marsupial. Other than meeting the quokkas, there are
many other interesting activities to do on the car-free island, with 63 beaches and 20 bays to
explore. Hire an e-bike and take your time or use the hop-on bus.
Wildlife in Western Australia are not just found on land, but also at sea. The state is known to be one
of the world’s best whale watching hotspots, featuring the largest whale migration in the southern
hemisphere. Take your family on a whale watching tour for an up-close moment with orcas,
humpbacks, southern right or blue whales.
Arrange a special activity for your older children with Perth Wildlife Encounters and have them swim
with bottlenose dolphins at Rockingham. An easy snorkel, your kids can enjoy a dolphin show like
never before.
If you and your family can’t get enough of the wildlife in Western Australia, another great place to
visit is Perth Zoo. Home to more than 1,300 animals and an animal conservation centre. Here, your
children will enjoy a range of experiences – from getting up close to the animals, to watching the
animal feeding sessions and listening to animal talk shows.

If you are looking for something a little more adventurous, go on a family-friendly stroll at Law Walk
in Kings Park and Botanic Garden. Adjacent to the Swan River, one of the world’s largest inner city

parks, this 2.5-kilometre trail follows the Mount Eliza escarpment, where you will be greeted by the
beautiful bushlands of Kings Park. With more than 400 hectares of land, a visit in September will
warrant the magnificent view of colourful wildflowers throughout the park – all 3,000 species of
Let your small wanderers experience the magical sunset of Western Australia with a hike up
Lesmurdie Falls. The trained and experienced guides from Off The Beaten Track WA will bring you up
top, and your family will be rewarded with views of the Perth city skyline and the valleys of Mundy
Regional Park.
Away from the Perth’s hustle and bustle, trail through the Swan Coastal Plain at Yanchep National
Park and relish in its amazing biodiversity. Take the chance to wind down with your little ones for a
picnic and spot the western grey kangaroos – go and meet the Australian icon at the Koala
boardwalk while you’re at it.
Inject some fun into your nature endeavours by visiting the Giants at Mandurah created by world
leading recycle artist Thomas Dambo. With their first appearance in Australia, play the game to find
these larger-than-life sculptures and journey into the lands of the Bindjareb Noongar people as you
and your kids locate the final super-secret Giant.
If you’d like to truly venture down under, bring your kids to uncover the many caves in Margaret
River. Explore the Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridge through a range of easy guided tours and marvel at the
highly decorated limestone caves that lay beneath.

Apart from the wonders of wildlife and nature, Western Australia is home to many unique activities
that everyone in the family can enjoy.

Swan Valley, just 25 minutes from Perth, plays host to many vineyards and that means the sight of
grape farms all around. One such farm to explore is Grapes on Swan, where you can pick grapes
directly from the vineyards. It makes great learning experience for your children and one where they
can learn and appreciate how grapes grow.
Another fun family activity is to check out 70 well-known historic buildings from around the world
and play with scaled model trains at Amaze Miniature Park. The park features an extensive collection
of miniature landmarks from around the world, including the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal and many
The best way to explore more of the state’s beautiful landscape, culture and attractions is through a
road trip. Whether you’re taking a short drive from the city or planning a multi-day adventure, a
road trip is a chance to create unforgettable memories with your family that will last a lifetime. To
help you plan your road trip, Tourism Western Australia has released a guide for road trips
throughout the state, so all you have to do is choose one and start your drive.
One story is not enough to share the many activities one can do in Western Australia, so you just
have to go there and experience it for yourself. Who knows, you might even have a must-do and
must-visit list of your own once you are there so here’s to Western Australia and a new destination
for you and your family.
For more details and destination inspirations for your next family holidays, head over to Tourism
Western Australia’s website at

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