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Stylish Skinny Huawei Watch Fit & Freelace Pro for Active Lifestyle

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As a student, it’s very hard to earn enough money to spend to luxurious items. Apart from balancing study and odd jobs, a student should also take care of their health be it with doing exercise or going to the-=[‘ gym. We tend to forget how important our health is and focus on what’s in front of us whether it be our smart phone or our laptop. We never have the thought of exercising in our minds. Having a Fitbit is very useful but as a student. We don’t have that much money just to spend on a watch. To find a solution that will help us and not break the bank as well is very challenging.

But all that is not a problem can be solved by purchasing a Huawei Watch Fit. The best Smart/Fitness watch that doesn’t break the bank. Huawei Watch Fit is Huawei hybrid by combining Huawei Fit and Huawei Watch GT2 smartwatches. As the name suggests, it’s a device built for fitness, serving up 24/7 activity tracking, a heart rate monitor, built-in GPS and many of the features that you’ll find packed into Huawei’s smartwatches. At 500 Ringgit Malaysia Huawei has packed the watch with so many features that you would not expect in this watch at the price range. You get 46mm case that measures in at 10.7mm thick and weighs 21g. The case is made from polymer and you have your pick of black, silver and rose gold (pictured) colours. They also slapped on 5ATM water resistance rating, which means it’s safe to submerge in water up to 50 metres depth. That means you can go swimming with it and shower with it on. 

There’s only one physical button on the side of the watch rather than that the watch has a streamlined look and there is of course that touchscreen display. You’re getting a 1.64-inch, 456 x 280 AMOLED screen, which is sharp and colorful. It’s bright and easy to view, whether that’s outdoors or submerged in a pool. Huawei’s software is mostly well optimized to that reduced screen estate. This is the best fit/smart watch by far for its price but while you are exercising with the Huawei Watch Fit, you need to hear music. Huawei has launched its fitness earphone, Huawei Freelace Pro. 

The Freelace Pro feature’s “neckband” design. They go around your neck and just hang there like a necklace when you don’t use them. The earbuds’ backs are magnetic, so they stick together when you connect them, which prevents excessive dangling and also automatically disconnects the earbuds from your phone or PC. The main feature on the Freelace is the active noise cancelling (ANC). “Active” means the earbuds generate noises that overlap with and cancel out certain noises coming from the outside. The effect is most noticeable with low-frequency, constant noises like the humming of a vacuum cleaner or a car engine. The Freelace feature in-ear designs ensuring excellent insulation and combined with noise cancelation, this means you can enjoy your music even in noisy environments.

The Freelace Pro area a great performer with 24 hours on a single charge and you don’t even need to carry a case around. When it dies, you can charge it with the built-in USB-C connecter, from any USB-C charger. 

I highly recommend the Huawei Watch Fit and the Freelace Pro. The best Smart/Fitness Watch and Earphone in the market with a reasonable price. They give you comfort and a great battery life. No need to spend unreasonable amount of money. Get the Huawei Watch Fit and Freelace Pro Now!

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