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Kuala Lumpur : It has now been almost 20 months since the tourism industry players had lost income due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Therefore, we would like to appeal to the Government to consider extending the Moratorium and waive the interest on the moratorium for the tourism industry players.
Tourism industry players take hire purchase loans, cooperate business and SMe loan from banks with interests. They have no income at all at this present moment. Bank Negara should consider wavering the moratorium interest for the tourism industry.
“ We are deeply sad and disappointed with the statement of the governor of Bank Negara Nor Shamsiah, who said that interest collected from loans represented around 80% of the banks’ total income, hence removing it during a moratorium would harshly affect their liquidity’, said Uzaidi
Udanis in a press statement today.
“The industry is in crisis and all tourism players are facing a tough time trying to stay afloat due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. We are at war and the banks should be together with the “rakyat” to overcome the crisis. Bank Negara should encourage the banks to look into the industry’s plight and their survival rather than just bank’s profit. There is no point if the Banks’s profits look good while the nation entrepreneurs are in crisis”
“We all know how much profit the Banking Industry made last year so why can’t the banks help out the tourism industry which is third most important economy sector in Malaysia. Is it too much to ask?”
If Bank Negara failed to solve the problems or come out with tenable solutions and not putting the burden on customers during pandemic, mean she can’t perform during this time, she should step down to give way for other capable candidates!
Uzaidi added, “MITA agrees with the stand of the statement by Datuk Wira (Dr) Ameer Ali Mydin, Business Survival Group adviser; that It is morally wrong when banks are profiteering from the difficulties of their borrowers to the tune of billions. Bank Negara should have a good policy and solution.
Bank Negara should conduct in-depth study to identify industry’s that are badly affected and come up with a good solution to help them overcome their difficulties instead of taking sides with the Bank”.
MITA hopes Bank Negara will protect the tourism industry’s interest in making sure the banks help the tourism players to remain afloat during this time of crisis and recover before talking about imposing interest on the Moratorium given and etc.

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