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SOCAR : Easy & Hassle Free Car Rental Service

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Most of Malaysian I guessed don’t really know about SOCAR, the latest car sharing platform in Malaysia. Recently, I used SOCAR for a 3 days trip to Johor Bahru. What I find out about this car sharing platform, it is very easy to use, hassle free and easy to find the car location

You can start driving for as low as RM8/hour. 20KM of petrol per hour included, drive any SOCAR for 30 minutes to however long you desire and guaranteed parking when you return.


It is so easy. Just download the application, Book, Unlock & Drive the car.


For more information, log into


Rent car from SOCAR from their app
Rate goes as low as RM8/hour







Convenient for those who are going for trips but did not have their own personal transport






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