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So Asia Oriental Buffet : “Soooo Asian!”

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By: Aqilah Nazam

Ashok Shrestha, the founder of So Asia

So Asia is a unique name for a restaurant. This restaurant name as “So Asia” is because they offer a diverse range of Asian dishes. Malaysia is the fourth country for their branches. The first country in the United Kingdom where it has been opened since 2001. Next, he expands his business to Hong Kong & Russia. The founder of this restaurant is Ashok Shrestha & Barsa Thapa. This restaurant has been operated for 3 months and the feedback from the customer so far are quite good & positive.

Variety of Asian foods served as buffets at So Asia

They choose Malaysia as their next country is because “Malaysia is a green country, the people are friendly, & the things are cheaper”, said Mr. Ashok. So Asia provides the best buffet venue in the city. It does not only offer Asian range but they do also provide Oriental Fusion food and mouth-watering desserts. They have very good management because the management team and master chefs regularly check the restaurant conditions and review the menu. Not only that, they will make sure you feel comfortable with a clean environment to their diners at value for money.

So Asia offers clean environment and comfort to their customers

So Asia Oriental Buffet provides a buffet for lunch & dinner. For lunch, it starts from 11 am until 5 pm while dinner from 5 pm until 11 pm. The lunch prices for an adult is RM 25 and children RM 15 while for dinner; adult RM 45 and children RM 25. The menu that offers is soup, salad, starter, main, rice, noodle & bread, & dessert. For soup, salad and dessert all the menu will be served daily and it’s not the same as the starter, main, rice, noodle & bread because every day will be in different menus. So Asia also provide services for birthday parties & outdoor catering.

In the future, they would like to see that their business expanding bigger with receiving a lot of customers and have good feedback. They also thought to open another franchise in Malaysia after this restaurant has been fully settled.




Foods served at So Asia
So Asia also provides desserts after a hearty meal
There’s also an outside section to those that wanted to enjoy the view








Bar Section to quench your thirst with varieties of beverages

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