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President Nation State of Hawai’i Visit Malaysia

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Kuala Lumpur : President Nation State of Hawai’i, H.E. Dennis Keiki Kanahele is in the framework of his visit to several countries in the region. The visit to Kuala Lumpur is scheduled from 6th -12th July 2022, after completing his visit to Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.
The purpose of this visit is to provide information to obtain the recognition of countries in the world in the
process of forming an Independent State in the name of the Nation State of Hawai’i from some of the colonies inhabited by indigenous people. The country of origin of their land is under the United States of
America (USA).
In conjunction with his visit to Kuala Lumpur, the consulate office of the Nation State of Hawai’i, which was
established, has organized several programs to smooth the journey of the visit mission to Kuala Lumpur.
Among the programs that have been arranged are:
• Opening of the Nation State of Hawai’i consulate office in Kuala Lumpur.
• Respectfully pay a visit to several government agencies.
• Investment management discussions with several investor companies.
Through the consulate office in Kuala Lumpur, the Ambassador appointed by the Nation State of Hawai’i, H.E Wong Kok Wai has dealt with the office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to begin the process of applying for Malaysia’s recognition to the establishment of the Nation State of Hawai’i.

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