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Nestled in the heart of nature of Malaysia’s southernmost state, One&Only Desaru Coast is the ultimate escape from the frenetic pace of city life, offering a diverse range of active and mindful pursuits that
showcase the region’s unique culture and traditions. As Malaysia looks to celebrate the 59th anniversary of the formation of the federation of Malaysia, guests of all ages can immerse themselves in a bespoke itinerary of activities that pay tribute to the nation’s cultural heritage. As One&Only’s first resort in Asia, the ultra-luxurious beachfront property is deeply respectful of local knowledge and traditions, with thoughtfully considered programming to make it the perfect place to celebrate the Malaysia Day long weekend.
One of the resort’s most intriguing experiences, A Warrior’s Journey takes guests on an immersive exploration of both cultural history and wellness through the art of Silat Melayu. Practiced since the 7th century, this ancient form of self-defence is one of Asia’s best kept secrets with origins shrouded in mysterious folklore and preserved through oral traditions. Guided by a highly-trained Silat expert in collaboration with Persekutuan Silat Kebangsaan Malaysia (PESAKA), guests will have the rare privilege to flow through the steps of the bunga – or the flower – and discover the history behind this unique martial art while learning about the intricate weaponry and traditional medicinal practices used by these warriors. In celebration of Malaysia Day, guests can immerse themselves in a traditional practice entirely unique to the region, deep diving into an integral part of Malaysia’s ethnological history.
“The philosophical foundation of modern Silat is based on Malaysian spiritual antiquity,” says Khir Husaini, One&Only Desaru Coast’s resident Silat expert. Khir has been a dedicated practitioner of Silat
for 16 years and is passionate about spreading awareness on its history, culture and myriad health benefits. “Learning Silat can boost your confidence, making you feel ready to face any challenges, and
it also promotes discipline. It helps to mould your character to be a better person as respecting each other is one of the foundations of Malay culture. Every Silat movement bears meaning, and are inspired
by natural elements such as the movement of animals like the crocodile, tiger or eagle.”
The art of Silat can be traced back to the early days of the Langkasuka Kingdom, and has since evolved into a practice of physical and spiritual training that encompasses traditional Malay attire, musical instruments and weaponry. Silat was declared the National Martial Art of Malaysia in 2015 and four years later, was recognised as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).
Through activities such as A Warrior’s Journey, One&Only Desaru Coast seeks to deepen the guest experience with resort programs designed to spotlight Malaysia’s extraordinary culture while paying tribute to the country’s ancient customs and heritage. From exploring the natural wonders of the surrounding rainforest in Call of The Gibbons; to discovering and cooking with native herbs and spices
in Malaysia’s Lost Tales; or embarking on A Warrior’s Journey through the mindful art of SILAT, guests will be swept away on a voyage of discovery at One&Only Desaru Coast on the special occasion of Malaysia Day and beyond.

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