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Macau “Travel Stimulation Program” will cover sports travel and widen support items from May 

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Macao, 27 April 2021 – Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) will launch the renewed “Travel Stimulation Program” (referred to as the “Program”) on 1 May, to expand its coverage of beneficiaries and activities with a wider spectrum of support items, to enhance Macao’s charm as a destination for business and sport tourism activities among other travel experiences. The Program will be renewed to diversify visitor source and revive Macao’s tourism and economy in parallel with the Macao SAR Government’s direction to enhance concerted development between tourism and other related industries and deepen “tourism +” cross-sector integration.

At present, the Travel Stimulation Program covers activities in the fields of incentive, wedding and student travel. After renewal, the Program will be applicable to sports travel activities as well, which will encourage more visitors to join or organize sports events in Macao, in turn advancing “tourism + sports” integration and diversifying visitor source.

In addition, to revitalize the economy in local communities, the Program will provide visitors with a wider diversity of support items including not just tourist information kits and Experience Macao half-day tours as before, but also an addition of new choices such as admission tickets to Macao tourism products, cultural and gastronomic experiences among other activities offered, encouraging visitors to explore local communities.

The Program requires the “Incentive Travel/Wedding Travel/Student Travel/Sports Travel” activities in Macao to engage a minimum of 25 non-resident participants for at least two consecutive nights of stay in Macao. Please visit MGTO’s Macao Tourism Industry Net ( for the renewed Travel Stimulation Program’s application form, terms and conditions, etc.

MGTO continues to offer the Travel Stimulation Program to promote Macao’s diverse offer of travel experiences, attract different types of visitors to Macao and expand visitor source.

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