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Kuala Lumpur Crowned the Champion for Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup Grand Finale 

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The tournament held at Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club marked the 11th out of 118 events, in this years Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup on May 11th. Winners from this event will advance to compete in the Grand Finals in Turkey this year. The occasion attracted a crowd, including high profile individuals, influential business community members, corporate partners, celebrities and travel industry associates.

Upon registering guests received their boarding pass for a draw and goodies bag before being treated to Turkish Delight Lokum served by Turkish Airlines staff. As a touch their boarding pass was ceremoniously torn by the Turkish Airlines crew as they were welcomed aboard the Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup 2024. Kuala Lumpur edition.

Renowned celebrity chef Mr. Ramazan Bingol from Turkey graced our golf tournament networking session with his presence. Dhiren Kanesh of Kuala Lumpur secured his championship title with golfing skills. Will be heading to Antalya, Turkey to compete against finalists from, around the globe. The event concluded with a lottery drawing where everyone eagerly awaited the results.

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