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9 Reasons Why You Must Upgrade to Samsung Galaxy A71

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Get it at a recommended price of RM1799

  • Meet the screen with a lot less bezel  and a lot more view

Behind Galaxy A71’s symmetrically aligned 6.7” Infinity-O Dsiplay, Super AMOLED Plus color technology delivers real to life color in everything you watch and do- from gaming and movies, to web-surfing and multitasking.

  • Captivating Pastel Colors

With its smooth, elegant curved-edge screen design, Galaxy A71 is beautiful to look at and fits comfortably in your hand. Its premium gloss finish makes it easy to hold and the rhythmical pattern adds a unique touch of personality.

  • More cameras to capture more of your world

Whether to moment calls for close-up, an ultra wide-shot, a nighttime photo or some artistic Bokeh blur, the A71 Quad Cam delivers with pro-level quality and ease. From a 64MP main cam to a 123-degree 12MP Ultra Wide  Cam to a 5MP Depth Cam , A71 is ready for any moment.

  • Expand Your Shot with Ultra Wide Cam

The 123-degree  angle of view is similarto human sight which means less panning when you are getting a perfect cityshot.

  • Macro Cam bring tiny details

Quad Cam built-in 5MP Macro Cam (40mm) shoot with clarity and quality helping you bring out the ultra fine details of your close-up shots. Apply and adjust natural backgraound blur (Bokeh) to isolate your subject and increase its visual effect.

  • Super Steady Shoots with impressive stability

Galaxy A71 records like a high-quality action camera utilizing the Ultra Wide Camera and predictive software. Super Steady gives you smooth live videos even when your journey is on the adventurous side.

  • Blur out what’s behind, bring out what’s in front

The 5MP Depth Cam let you adjust the depth of field before and after you nail the shot. It reduces unwanted background noise from your images to make them look more professional.

  • Enough power to maximize your day

Galaxy A71’s 4500mAh battery gives you the power to stream, share and game on. It come with a 25W Super-Fast Charging.

  • Powerful Performance

Galaxy A71 has fast processing and spacious storage so you can focus on now. An advanced Octa-core processor and up to 8GB of RAM and has 128GB internal storage. You can add with 512MB microSD card.

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