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Tourism Johor Golf Tournament 2023 for Tunku Panglima Johor Challenge Trophy Sparks a Record-Breaking Golfing Frenzy

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Desaru Coast, Johor – Nestled against the picturesque backdrop of Ernie Els’ masterpiece, The Els Club Desaru Coast – Ocean, the 6th edition of the Tourism Johor Golf Tournament 2023 for Tunku Panglima Johor Challenge Trophy unfolded on November 18, 2023. Drawing in a dynamic ensemble of 132 avid golfers from both local and international realms, the tournament that was organised by Johor Golf Tourism Association (JGTA) set the stage for an impeccable day on the greens.

In his welcoming address during the royal luncheon and prize presentation, Col. Mohd Jamal Salleh, President of JGTA, extended a warm welcome to golf enthusiasts attending the 6th Tourism Johor Golf Tournament 2023 for Tunku Panglima Johor Challenge Trophy. Expressing profound honour, he emphasized the significance of the return of His Highness Tunku Abdul Rahman Al-Haj ibni Sultan Ibrahim, the Tunku Panglima Johor. His absence in participating in the past editions, attributed to car racing commitments, made his presence in this year’s event a cherished blessing, adding a touch of regal charm to the tournament. Col Jamal expressed to the participants and guests, “His Highness Tunku Panglima Johor’s continuous endorsement has elevated our tournament to a pinnacle of prestige, solidifying its status as one of the most sought-after golf events in Johor, gathering fervent followers with each passing year.”

Col. Jamal also extended his deepest gratitude to His Highness Tunku Abu Bakar Al-Haj ibni Sultan Ibrahim, Tunku Putera Johor for his gracious presence, enhancing the tournament’s prestige. The royal luncheon and prize

presentation marked an experience of true distinction, with both His Highness Tunku Panglima Johor and His Highness Tunku Putera Johor gracing the occasion and adding an extra layer of charm to the day’s festivities.

Col. Jamal warmly shared, “With the gracious consent of our esteemed royal patron, His Highness Tunku Abdul Rahman ibni Sultan Ibrahim, Johor Golf Tourism Association (JGTA), in collaboration with Tourism Malaysia, Majlis Sukan Negeri Johor, and Tourism Johor, orchestrated the exciting sixth edition of the Tourism Johor Golf Tournament 2023 for the prestigious Tunku Panglima Johor Challenge Trophy. The breathtaking landscapes of Els Club Desaru Coast – Ocean served as the perfect canvas for the golfing masterpiece, bringing together an impressive lineup of 132 avid golfers from 8 countries: Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Scotland, South Africa, and Australia.”

Col. Jamal mentioned that the royal tournament experienced an overwhelming surge in interest from both local and international golf enthusiasts and was overbooked within days after the promo leaflet was disseminated. He continued, “Every year the registration for this tournament surpassed our initial target of 120 participants. This year, the final count revealed a remarkable assembly of 132 golfers, constituting a diverse and dynamic field. The level of international representation not only underscored the tournament’s growing acclaim but also solidified its status as a must- attend event on the yearly calendar. The resonance of this royal tournament has transcended borders, creating a melting pot of golfing talent and camaraderie that showcased Johor as a thriving hub for the sport on the world stage.”

Since its inception in 2017, the Tourism Johor Golf Tournament for Tunku Panglima Johor Challenge Trophy has been an annual spectacle, delivering a unique golfing experience to participants. Beyond the greens, the event serves as a nexus for building and strengthening networks and camaraderie among golf enthusiasts in Johor, neighbouring states, and nearby countries. Col. Jamal added, “It is more than just a competition; it’s an opportunity for passionate golfers to revel in the joy of the sport, enjoying the lush landscapes and the beautiful ocean of the golf course. Every year with unwavering

dedication, we aimed to craft an event that not only promises a day immersed in the thrill of golf but also offers a feast for the senses as well as the chance to win a myriad of exciting prizes. From the moment golfers arrive to their departure, the focus remains on creating memorable moments and a good time for all.”

The tournament not only showcased a diverse attendance but also embraced the growing influence of women in golf. Among the participants, five talented ladies from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore added a touch of grace and skill to the competition. Col. Jamal, with an unwavering commitment to promoting inclusivity in the world of golf, passionately encourages more women to grace the fairways in the upcoming tournaments. He expressed his hopes for an even greater turnout of ladies in the 7th edition of the tournament in 2024. In a commitment to recognizing and celebrating the prowess of female golfers and equal representation in the next edition, the organizers aim to offer more enticing prizes in the ladies’ category, provide special rates and extra goodies to inspire and empower women to embrace the joy of golf.

Col. Jamal, brimming with enthusiasm, expressed his delight at the impressive lineup of golfers and anticipates an even more diverse gathering in the future. Eager to extend the tournament’s reach beyond Johor, he hopes to welcome golfers from neighbouring states, fostering a sense of unity among Malaysian golfing communities. Extending beyond borders, the tournament quietly draws interest from international players, fostering a diverse golf community since its start in 2017.

In the pursuit of JGTA’s dream to establish Johor as the ultimate golfing holiday destination, this royal tournament stands as a crucial player in realizing this ambitious goal. From the verdant fairways to the elegant clubhouse, JGTA curated an experience that transcended the ordinary, with lots of food and drinks on the golf course such as Red Bull, 100 Plus, Yakult, Still mineral water, Marry Brown burgers and local desserts cendol and various flavoured apam balik from Bandar Penawar that had added an extra layer of indulgence for the participants on that day.

The excitement soared with enticing hole-in-one prizes, featuring not just four coveted cars – Maxus T60 sponsored by WESTSTAR, Toyota Corolla GR Sport and Perodua Aruz X both sponsored by LHG, and Mitsubishi Triton sponsored by EON Auto Mart but also an opulent assortment of beauty products worth RM10,000 each at all par 3’s, courtesy of Luxasia from Singapore, and a prestigious Titoni watch sponsored by ATG Watch.

Beyond the main prizes, the tournament also boasted an array of novelties, including awards for the Nearest to the Line (NTL), Nearest to the Pin (NTP), and the Longest Drive. Adding an extra dash of thrill for the participants, there was also an “On-the-Green” Challenge at Hole #6 Lakes, Ocean Course that brought an additional layer of excitement. Sponsored by Hospitality 360, participants had the chance to vie for 2D/1N accommodation vouchers with breakfasts at sought-after locations like Ramada Suites by Wyndham KLCC, Trinidad Suites Puteri Harbour Johor, Shahzan Hotel Kuantan, and Ramada by Wyndham Langkawi Marina. About 40 participants clinched these exciting “On-the-Green” Challenge prizes, adding a delightful twist to their tournament experience. The other prize bonanza also includes a plethora of lucky draw prizes.

Beyond the thrill of holes-in-one, novelties and on-the-green challenges, the main tournament prizes took centre stage. The overall gross champion not only secured the prestigious Tunku Panglima Johor Challenge Trophy but also a personalized trophy, marking their triumph in the elite category. Additional main prizes included the gross champion and top three nett for Division A, B, and C and nett champion for the ladies category. Below are the names of the winners at the 6th edition of the Tourism Johor Golf Tournament 2023 for Tunku Panglima Johor Challenge Trophy:

Overall Champion (Gross): Raja Amin bin Raja Azhar (Hcp 15) won the Tunku Panglima Johor Challenge Trophy & a personalised trophy

Overall Champion (Nett): Zulkifli Azahari (Hcp 10)

Division A
Winner (Gross): Mohd Sukhri Alias (Hcp 15)

Champion (Nett): Nazarodin Razak (Hcp 14) 1st Runner-Up (Nett): Effendi Othman (Hcp 15) 2nd Runner-Up (Nett): Jais Basiran (Hcp 15)

Division B
Winner (Gross): Saiful Supar (Hcp 16)
Champion (Nett): Mohd Ekhwan (Hcp 16)
1st Runner-Up (Nett): Syed Harith (Hcp 18)
2nd Runner-Up (Nett): Mohd Fadzli Mohd Najib (Hcp 18)

Division C
Winner (Gross): Dato’ Rizal Mansor (Hcp 24)
Champion (Nett): Mohd Nor Lingan (Hcp 23)
1st Runner-Up (Nett): Mohd Aqashah Kamarudin (Hcp 24) 2nd Runner-Up (Nett): Zannuar Md Dom (Hcp 24)

Ladies Division:
Champion (Nett): Datin Sri Norhidayah (Hcp 36)

The novelties Nearest-to-the-Pin prizes were won by the following winners:

  1. (1)  Lakes Hole #2: Khairy Kalai
  2. (2)  Coast Hole #3: Muhammad Aqashah Kamarudin

The novelties Nearest-to-the-Line prizes were won by the following winners:

  1. (1)  Lakes Hole #7: Wu Bin
  2. (2)  Coast Hole #7: Mohd Azizul Mohd Salim

The novelties Longest Drive prizes were won by the following winners:

  1. (1)  Lakes Hole #9: Ahmad Afif Faris bin Ahmad Murad
  2. (2)  Coast Hole #8: YM Raja Rafi

Col. Jamal, reflecting on the triumph of the tournament, expressed, “JGTA is deeply humbled by the big success of this event and extends heartfelt gratitude to our charitable partners, sponsors, and the enthusiastic participants who have been unwavering pillars of support. The success of this tournament stands as a testament to the enduring commitment, support, and

active participation from esteemed entities such as Tourism Malaysia, Majlis Sukan Negeri Johor, Tourism Johor, Chaqura Holdings, D’Harmoni Telco Infra, and a host of other dedicated partners.

The invaluable contributions from partners like WESTSTAR, LHG, EON Auto Mart, Luxasia, ATG Watch, Hospitality 360, The Els Club Desaru Coast, MST Golf, Desaru Coast, Qul Holdings (M), Jakel, Yakult, 100 Plus, Still, Red Bull, Desaru Fruit Farm, F&A Auto Global, Desaru Waterpark, JKR Kota Tinggi, Majlis Daerah Kota Tinggi, and a myriad of other sponsors have played a pivotal role in making this tournament a reality.

JGTA is immensely thankful for the support and assistance rendered by all partners and sponsors without whom the seamless execution of this event would not have been possible. This success is a collective achievement, a testament to the power of collaboration and shared enthusiasm for making the Tourism Johor Golf Tournament 2023 for Tunku Panglima Johor Challenge Trophy a resounding success.

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