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All days from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm

Kuala Lumpur :With the fasting month checked away, Impiana KLCC Hotel is gladly presenting yet another exciting offering as its “Raya Takeaway & Delivery Sets” promotion. 

In view of the contemporary Controlled Movement Control Order (CMCO), Impiana KLCC Hotel continues its yearly offerings of a palatable spread, prepared by the team of highly talented and skilful culinary team of chefs with only the finest ingredients to form mouth-watering and sumptuous dishes that resonates with the season. These incredible sets are guaranteed to satisfy the individuals who crave these special signature delicacies year after year.

This offering comes with three sets and additional add-on options which has been carefully curated for a perfect celebration at the comfort of your home with family. These sets are made available for both lunch and dinner throughout the festive month. The sets are –

SET 1 

Briyani Gam Ayam Johor ATAU Briyani Gam Kambing Johor 

Bersama Acar Jelatah, Acar Buah, Dalca Sayuran & Papadum 

Pengat Pisang dengan Sago 

Briyani Ayam – RM 36.00 Nett (2 persons)

Briyani Kambing – RM 56.00 Nett (2 persons) 

SET 2 

Lontong Tambak Selatan 

Rendang Ayam Bundo 

Kuah Sayur Lodeh dengan Tempeh 

Kuah Kacang dengan Sotong Kering & Mangga Muda 

Sambal Ikan Bilis Cili Kering 

Telur Ayam Rebus 

Bubur Pulut Hitam Santan 

RM 76.00 Nett (2 persons)

SET 3 

Nasi Tomato Wangi Batu Pahat 

Tenggiri Goreng Berempah 

Daging Masak Merah Selatan 

Gulai Ayam Pekat Lada Hitam 

Kambing Kuzi Istimewa 

Sambal Tumis Telur 

Dalcha Sayur Dengan Acar Jelatah 

Bubur Kacang Hijau 

RM 116.00 Nett (2 persons)

Additionally, Impiana KLCC Hotel will also be kicking off special Hari Raya gathering and Hi-Tea combos to accommodate your Raya celebration (with a minimum of 15-20 persons). The special menu assures joy on a platter with a generous offering of kuih-muihs and special Raya delicacies. Simply call us for more details.

All enquiries and orders are to be channelled to Cik. Nor Syafiqah at +6012 517 3206 / or En. Ariff Shukri at +6012 487 3206 / .

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