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Malaysia Online Experience: The Tragic Love of Faridah

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Do you know that Malaysia has it own unique Romeo & Juliet saga?? Its even better because its involve 2 unique love birds – and those birds ony found in Malaysia.

You will be moved with this epic story and treasure the morale of the story . This is the first time this story will be told .

This unique story telling session will be host by one of most experience Tour Guide in Malaysia – Mr Iswaran –

Kos Rm30 seorang – Kos ini untuk boleh membantu sedikit pembelanjaan Tour Guide semasa Covid 19 dan juga membiayai kos digital platform . Pihak Seketariat akan menghubungi anda setelah anda menempah tempat anda. Sumbangan anda sebanyak Rm 30 amat bermakna dengan industri pelancongan kami.

This experience is hosted online. Once you book, you’ll receive an email with a link and details on how to join.


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