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KLPF 2019 shares the pride in our nation through “My Hometown” exhibition

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The Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival sets to take stage in the month of August which is our “Bulan Kebangsaan”, the month of celebrating our pride for the nation we love. In conjunction with this patriotic month, our annual photo exhibition takes on the theme of “My Hometown”. We believe home is where our heart belongs to. The love for our nation starts from our home and that is where “My Hometown” is. This theme allows photographers to express their patriotic love for the nation from their heart in “My Hometown”.

This year will be the 23rd year since the Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival started in 1997. It is the longest running photography festival in Malaysia and Southeast Asia region which aims to raise the photographic art of Malaysian photographers to be among those highly recognised in the international scene. The Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival will open at the Viva Expo Hall and the Concourse of the Viva Shopping Mall of Jalan Loke Yew on 23-25 August 2019 from 11am to 9pm. Admission is free.

The program line-up for KLPF 2019 includes:- 

Photography Agenda

  1. “My Hometown” KLPF Annual Theme Exhibition.
  2. Young Photographers Program
  3. Festival of the Festivals International Photo Exhibitions
  4. “Street Extravaganza”
  5. Photography Workshops.  Four workshops are scheduled with the aim to drive and educate photographers to shape their direction and purpose in photography.
  6. Participating Exhibition
  7. Photography and Travel talks

Friday 23 August

  • 2pm-4pm “Street Portrait with a Backdrop” by Jerome De Perlinghi
    • This workshop teaches participants the quick and fun way of taking portraits on the streets.

Saturday 24 August

  • 4pm-6pm “Make your images chant” by Jamason Chen
    • This workshop teaches participants how to select and arrange their images into interesting series. Such skill is needed when a photographer needs to present or pitch his/her work to galleries or exhibitions.

Sunday 25 August

  • 11am-1pm “Portrait Photography” by Lin Sheng
    • 4pm-6pm “Light and Exposure in Digital Era” by Alex Ng.

Programs under the Travel Agenda

  1. Editors’ Choice: “The 10 Most Epic Travels” Photo Exhibition. Planned and crafted by our editors, these are the travels that will fit in your bucket list of “once-in-a-lifetime” travels. These are enriching journeys so fully packed with discoveries, adventures, experiences and life-time memories that are truly unforgettable.  The selected epic travels are :
    1. The loneliest drive to the Arctic Circle (The Trans-Alaska Drive)
    1. A whale of a time with the whole white wilderness (Antarctica Expedition)
    1. Stumbling upon Marco Polo’s footsteps (Central Asia Road Trip)
    1. Fired by the hell on earth (Ethiopian Adventure at Danakil Depression)
    1. Where heaven comes to earth (South American Exploration Circuit)
    1. Where time stood still (Central America Time Travel)
    1. The blue gem of Siberia (Trans Siberia Train Experience)
    1. Where the dune drops into the ocean (Trans Namibia Road Trip)
    1. Origin of the Golden Horse Awards (Taiwan Off-shore Islands)
    1. Traverse in the heart of Himalaya (Nepal-Tibet Overland Crossing)
  2. Travel and Culture Photo Exhibitions
  3. Tourism Authority of Thailand
  4. Taiwan Tourism Bureau
  5. Tourism Selangor
  6. Tanzania Tourist Board
  7. Uganda Tourism Board
  8. Ethiopian Airlines
  9. EVA Air
  10. “Taste of Travel” Marketplace. Our fringe program “Taste of Travel” takes on a bolder approach in a bigger space. To us , travel is not merely a ritual of selfies. Travel is an exploration of discoveries and a process of life learning. In this program “Taste of Travel” we hope to bring back your memories of the great experiences in your travels and also we advocate to appreciate our local traditional tastes. It is a marketplace that offers local traditional delicacies some of which are still made the traditional way.

Contests and DIY activities

To fill the gaps in between sessions, visitors to the Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival will be able to participate in DIY activities and various contests like model shoot, dances, activities, etc. The KLPF committee will be announcing the prizes and contest details in their Facebook page @KLPFMalaysia

The Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival is open to the public and admission is free. The opening hours of KLPF 2019 are 11am to 9pm on 23-25 August at Viva Expo Hall (Level 2) and Ground Floor Concourse, Viva Shopping Mall, Jalan Loke Yew, Kuala Lumpur. More information is available at and

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