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Historic Relationship Milestone Between MiTDA & Nation of Hawai’i

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KUALA LUMPUR : Malaysia International Tourism Development Association (MiTDA) charting another milestone in Tourism & Culture exchange with the new collaboration with Nation of Hawai’i .

Dato’ Noorzaleha Baharuddin, President of MiTDA said the main objective of the MOU is to make Malaysia as the worlds most popular tourism destination.

“Together to realise this objective we are strongly supported by our long lost brother from Hawaii-representing the Nation of Hawaii together we will make Malaysia & Hawaii the world’s most popular destination. With our slogan of Selamat Datang + Aloha. Malaysia & Hawaii will be in the eyes of the World, ” said Dato Noorzaleha Baharuddin.

” World was discovered through travel. Like Marco Polo , Admiral Cheng Ho & host of other famous man before them all in the name of which today we call tourism & as in tourism culture comes as a synonym.
With this representation today’s MOU will also mark a historic relationship milestone between MiTDA & Nation of Hawaii. I am deeply honored today in this historic yet meaningful occasions to sign this MOU with my dear brother The Honorable Mr Dennis Pu’uhonua Kanahela who is also a Hawaiian National Leader and the titular head of the Principal Nation of Hawaii.”

This MOU is within the realm of Tourism & Culture Exchange between both countries. To start the ball rolling Langkawi & Hawaii will be in the eyes of the world in making it as twin Island of World .

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