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Chickita Flame Grilled Chicken: Unveiling Malaysia’s First Outlet!

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If you’re looking for a special dining experience, your search is over! Chickita Flame Grilled Chicken, a popular restaurant that wowed Vietnam in 2019, has now opened in Malaysia. The first outlet is in Pavilion Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur, marking the brand’s entry into its second Southeast Asian country.

Chickita, conceived by culinary expert Asif Mehrudeen and his wife Eva, goes beyond being a mere dining establishment; it emerges as a lifestyle destination for aficionados of good food. Situated in Damansara Heights, a residential enclave in Kuala Lumpur, Chickita seamlessly fuses locally sourced, fresh ingredients with the evocative flavors from Asif’s extensive 20-year culinary journey across Southeast Asia.

Charles Chan, the Director of Simple Bites Sdn Bhd Malaysia, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “Malaysians have a penchant for chicken, and we are confident that Chickita, with its emphasis on fresh local ingredients and Asian flavors tailored to our palate, will revolutionize the scene.”

Under the Chickita Mantra “COME TOGETHER FOR CHICKEN,” the brand embraces the essence of community, communal dining, and the intrinsic spirit of togetherness deeply ingrained in Asian culture. Beyond the focus on chicken, Chickita’s menu unfolds a diverse symphony, featuring burgers, wraps, and wings, all masterfully crafted through the flame-grilled cooking technique. The secret to Chickita’s delectable offerings lies in its carefully researched flame-grilling method, where each piece of chicken attains optimal tenderness and is infused with naturally smoky nuances. This dedication to craftsmanship elevates the dining experience to a flavorful crescendo.

Complementing Chickita’s flame-grilled delights are signature sauces, boasting flavors such as lemongrass-infused blend, Tamarita’s hot tamarind twist, and the crowd-pleasing Sexy sauce with roasted red chilies. By incorporating familiar Asian ingredients, Chickita caters to local taste preferences, showcasing a steadfast commitment to curating culturally resonant options for an unparalleled dining journey.

Beyond the realm of savory temptations, Chickita introduces a sweet revelation paying homage to Malaysian heritage – the Ice Cream Potong. A modern reinterpretation of the iconic ice cream potong, Chickita unveils imaginative flavors like A Classic Twist, Butterfly Frozen Pea Smoothie, and Vanilla Dreams.

As Chickita warmly welcomes guests at Pavilion Damansara Heights, step into a realm where each bite narrates a tale, and every flavor is a cause for celebration. Take pleasure in our special opening weekend offer: receive a complimentary Quesadillan and 2 Ice Blended Lemon Teas with every purchase of 1 whole chicken & 4 sides. Additionally, enjoy an Ang Pao containing a RM 10 cash voucher for purchases exceeding RM100 on a single receipt. These promotions are valid throughout the entire month of February, ensuring an enticing start to your Chickita experience.

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