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Celebrating Kazakhstan’s 30th Anniversary of Independence… President Tokayev Highlights The Importance Of Reform & National Identity

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This year is the 30th anniversary since Kazakhstan gained independence in 1991. In celebration Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev published an article “Independence – a most precious thing”, which containsa message to the international readers in Yegemen Qazaqstan newspaper

Tokayev said that although 30 years are just an instant by the standards of history, it has been an entire era filled with difficulties, victories, crises and achievements for Kazakhstan.

The president described the first decade of independence as the “time of laying the foundation for new Kazakhstan”. Mentioning many vital events during that decade like introducing the national currency and the creation of Armed forces. In that decade, Kazakhstan became a nuclear-weapon-free territory, and the economy laid the first steps to development.

Tokayev added that the second and third decades of independence saw the real growth of economy and statehood in the country, and implementation of the Heritage state programme. In these two decades Kazakhstan became a global hub for international business, conferences, and projects. 

“Large infrastructure projects were launched, such as the construction of the international corridor ‘Western Europe – Western China’. The construction of housing developed at an unprecedented pace.” He added.

The president insisted on the importance of the third decade in resolving all issues with the state borders and launching the strategic programme “Kazakhstan – 2050” which objective is to enter the top thirty developed countries in the world.

“We have completely resolved the border issue. After the signing in 2018 of the Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea our borders were finally determined and fixed not only on land, but also at sea.” He said.

Portraying the overview of the next decade in Kazakhstan, President Tokayev said the country should continue to implement political and economic reforms and modernise public consciousness to form a national identity that is adapted to the challenges of the time.

Tokayev noted the growing importance of the film industry in regard to history and its’ events, especially with many global film companies turning their attention to Asia. He said Kazakhstan’s history is rich in unique plots that can turn to big films like the Era of the Golden Horde.

The president said now is the time for Kazakh academics and historians to write the history of the country and present it to international audiences, to different languages and cultures.

He insisted that Kazakhstan will preserve and protect the traditions and languages of all ethnic groups on the country and create opportunities to everyone.

“Young people need to understand that speaking several languages opens up wide horizons for them.”

Tokayev said that political reforms are not a matter of one day or a year, but it cannot be dragged out either, stating that the authorities must always feel their responsibility to the people.

He assured that the concept of a “Listening state” will continue with the creation of a national council of public trust and the development of civil society.

“This is the result of a policy aimed at democratising the country and modernising the political system”. Tokayev said.

Speaking on the upcoming elections, the President said that it is going to be an important step towards the development of a multi-party parliament. Including different political views from conservative parties, to liberal and socialist.

“Our goal is to leave the next generation with a strong state with a powerful economy and strong spiritual and moral foundations.” Tokayev said, that for the country to move on, the spirit of patriotism must be preserved.

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